Fly High with 2Fly – Make any meal an elevated experience with our unique product line of delicious, portable, small batch cannabis infused edibles and drinkables available in California.

Cannabis Infused Edibles by 2Fly – We’ve infused a little love (and some other stuff) into our artisanal, portable edibles and drinkables. Whether shared with good company or enjoyed discreetly on your own, elevate any meal with 2Fly.

You don’t usually smile this much at work and everyone is wondering what you’ve got up your sleeve. Little do they know it’s all in your cup, because you started out your day with a kinda magical morning of your own. Our medium blend coffee roasted from ethically-sourced green Indonesian beans infused with 10MG of THC gives you a rich, delicious flavor with a lovely mellow sensation. Your new normal just got a little bit more awesome.

This classic peanut butter spread that is rich in fiber and protein just got supercharged with a happy infusion of 5MG of THC. Feeling healthy never felt so damn good. Drizzle a spoonful on your toast, add it to your morning smoothie, or take a single-serving packet on the road for a snack that satisfies in more ways than one.

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