The Blue Chip Story begins in 2008 in Santa Rosa, California. It was there that two biochemist majors from University of Davis California began hunting and cross breeding genotypes in an attempt to achieve an effect that would provide all the benefits of cannabis they loved and reduce some of the effects they weren’t keen on.

They loved the relaxing, euphoric, and stress relieving properties of marijuana, but didn’t like the strong comedown, paranoia, or scattered feeling they would get from some strains. This led to an in depth study of landrace genetics and the “kids” they had produced through genetic crossing over the years.

Armed with a small laboratory space rented in Oakland, as well as the knowledge from their genetic research, they began a year long hunt for rare and exotic seeds from all over the world. This pheno hunting and constant experimentation produced cannabis that was close many times, but both partners insisted on experimenting until they perfected the strain to something that worked exactly as they wanted…every time

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