Claybourne Co.™ products come in a wide range of CBD and THC contents to suit your mood. From grams to ounces, small buds to big buds, and flower+kief products. It’s easy to tell what you’ve got just by looking at the package.

Eagle Extracts

Eagle Extracts are premium concentrates made with cannabis grown from our indoor cultivation. Our “farm to fire” extracts are crafted from a curated rotation of Claybourne Co genetics, producing high quality concentrates rich in taste, aroma, and potency. Experience the unique terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of Claybourne Co. Eagle Extracts. No lames, only flames.

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Gold Cuts

Gold Cuts are the gilded result of our in-house, breeding and selection program. Ten percent of our facility is dedicated to developing flower that goes above and beyond industry standard, and less than 1% of our trialed selection ends up making the cut. Gold Cuts flower displays a loud nose, high potency, big flavor, and AAA aesthetic. We do the most to guarantee you a tried & true, Certified Banger.

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Take flight with Claybourne Flyers. Ready to smoke, strain specific pre-rolls crafted with Claybourne Co.’s signature quality. Made with premium flower and naturally infused with kief to enhance your inbound experience. Rolled in natural, unbleached, and calcium carbonate free papers. Available in two (2) pack tubes, five (5) pack jars, and twenty (20) pack tins

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