DRIP Cannabinoids is committed to providing high quality products with the safety of the end user in mind. As a seed-to-sale company, you’ll know exactly where you product is coming from for each and every purchase.

DRIP softgels are manufactured in an FDA registered facility that is experienced in the production of nutraceuticals. This form of Delta 8 is best for people that prefer to take a vitamin like supplement for easy dosing. As always, DRIP edibles are completely organic and vegan, so you’re not only giving your body a break, but your mind a break too.

First of all, what is a cannabis strain? How are they unique? Here are our top 5 factors in discovering which strains are best for you. 


“Amazing! It not only keeps my bipolar calm it helps me with my daily activities! I suffer from arthritis now when it rains I’m not miserable. ” -Kimberly

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