Eden Extracts

Established as a true step forward for cannabis vape pens, the Diamond Line from Eden combines our signature ultra-pure distillate, cannabis derived terpenes, and a custom designed cartridge, engineered to deliver enhanced airflow, a stronger hit, and a smoother experience.

“Probably one of the best cartridges we have ever tried.”


The fuel that drives Eden to produce world-class products is an ingrained devotion to our customers first and foremost.

From the advanced hardware that we custom design, to the ultra-pure ingredients we craft, every detail of an Eden product is purposefully curated to create an elevated customer experience. That internal drive for excellence pushes us to make better choices for the consumer, like using solvent-less extraction techniques for our single source cannabis derived terpenes, never using any additives or fillers of any kind, and constantly innovating our hardware to improve the airflow and deliver higher end performance.

Meticulous extraction, thoughtfully designed hardware, and soon – sustainable packaging. We will be using ocean bound / post consumer grade plastics rather than virgin fibers to sustainably design for our packaging in 2020. Our goal is establish the right direction of commercial-level sustainability while being conscious about our carbon footprint.

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