Fortune Filters strives to revolutionize the smoking experience by offering each user the ability to elevate themselves to a higher level with thought-provoking messages inside the filter of each paper while providing the highest quality and most sustainable product to our consumer.

Fortune Filters LLC operates out of Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2018 by a group of friends and avid smokers who had a “high thought” and came to a realization that there was something amazing that every smoker didn’t know they were missing- a hidden message that lies in the crutch of every cone. Currently all fortunes are curated in house and filters are produced by our team at Fortune Filters. Not only do we provide something extra in our rolling papers but we demand the highest of quality and environmental friendliness in our papers and filters.

Fortune Filters brings a fresh twist to the traditional rolling paper cone by adding prophetic ‘fortunes’ for your enjoyment into the filter of each cone. We hope to provide each smoker with thought-provoking messages, even jokes!, to add a new level to the smoking experience.

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