The HERBii Pro from DazzLeaf is a compact and convenient dry herb vaporizer, powered by an impressive 2500mAh internal lithium-ion battery. The internal plastic bracket all uses PEEK material, heat insulation, high-temperature resistance, and strong structure. The silica gel part is made of high-temperature resistance material, encased in a durable heat-resistant aluminum alloy material for a comfortable grip. The striped grooves on the surface can effectively insulate and dissipate heat, so the palm can not feel the temperature in the process of use.

The HERBii Pro is equipped with a magnetic mouthpiece for fast and easy refilling. It utilizes a large OLED screen in combination with vibration notifications to make it an ideal device for on-the-go use. The HERBii Pro’s high-speed heat-up time, precision temperature controls (ranging from 140°F to 510°F), and embedded ceramic heating chamber come together to produce unrivaled quality and flavorful vapor.

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