Founded by three friends in 2015, Himalaya was inspired by the natural splendor of the highest place on earth, the Asian mountain range where cannabis originated thousands of years ago and still grows in the wild. Today, Himalaya works with select Northern California farmers who share in the founders’ passion for producing top quality cannabis concentrates that remain true to the original flower.

Natural. Potent. Handcrafted.

The farmer plants the seed.
The seed grows the buds.
The buds make the Himalaya oil.
The Himalaya oil is delicious.

HIMALAYA tastes and feels like real cannabis because it is real cannabis.
Buds don’t contain artificial flavors, solvents or thinners, so neither does our oil.

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  1. On My Way

    So I got to try, and admit, I was not disappointed. In a tough market like California, where competition is deadly, they have found a place for themselves, hoping it will last.

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