Pioneers of cannabis extracts, pushing the boundaries of science with art to create concentrates that will make you blast off to outer space and beyond. One of the oldest concentrate brands in the industry, Neutron specializes in highly potent products and heavily infused pre-rolls. Maybe you can’t ride a spaceship, but Neutron can take you there.

Mars OG – PAX

Mars OG is one outer world OG Kush. Coming out of the California Bay Area, it has been given its planetary name in reference to its growing conditions.Mars OG in particular is believed to stem from the Fire OG pheno, which means it’s pungent with that classic indica OG nose.

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Cosmic Cereal Space Tops

We personally pick the pounds of indoor flower that meet our quality standard and make sure every eighth of space tops is the best mix of nugs with a lot of ‘Tops’

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Supernova Shatter – 1 G

Supernova is a blast from another dimension: a potent sativa, its powerfully uplifting, euphoric effects pair with a sweet, earthy flavor profile that make this strain an easy favorite. Starting with top quality indoor grown flower,

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Space Cake – PAX

Our Space Cake is different than any other genetic out there in the galaxy, frosty like some vanilla batter and finished with some OG undertones.This profile makes you feel like you just ate some cookie dough tucked inside a big bud of OG.

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