As a proudly Oklahoma-owned company, our mission at Origin Extracts is to keep our terpene and cannabinoid profiles as close to their “origin” – the original profile of the plant before degradation occurs – as possible. Cannabinoids and terpenes degrade over time naturally and through post-harvest mishandling.

Our team works hard to develop techniques that preserve the natural profiles of each strain delivering the most authentic, consistent, and healthy experience to our patients.

What Does Cure Mean?

Cured concentrates are made using cannabis flower that has undergone the curing process. Degradation of terpenes occurs during the curing process-a cured terpene profile will be different from a live terpene profile. To create our line of wholesale cured concentrates, we used cured cannabis cultivated by verified sources, to create next level extracts that even the most connoisseur will appreciate. Our extraction team works with cured cannabis to make sure our patients have a wide variety of concentrates with plenty of options

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