We are a licensed hemp and herb farm located in Fresno County, California.  Focused on producing natural affordable products for the community from traditional botanical flowers and plants curated intentionally in tandem with the people, animals, and the environment in mind.  We encourage the utilization of natural medicines: plants as a part of our individual supplemental needs to potentially help benefit one’s overall health and wellness.

Ready for that anytime of the day strain, look no further Not Your Bitch will have you going all day & night long.  Ride in on mellow notes of chamomile, spiced with sweet cinnamon magnolia notes.

Subscribe to a better you + yours through our Gift Box Set perfect for your monthly dose or a loved one’s gift.  Get to know all four options to cover your needs; Chill, Enlightened, Balanced, and our Tripple Treat Gift Box.  Each individual box contains 3.5 grams of hand trimmed flower + a pack of our Ranchera Familiares.

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