Our mission is to transform the world by elevating the human experience, one bud at a time. Every step of our process is sourced with love and executed with the highest standards. We are proud to provide the cleanest green you’ve ever seen.

The Grower’s Grower

A holistic, almost spiritual approach to cannabis informs our methods and has led to a stable of vibrant, clean and powerful strains. All of our offerings are indoor soil grown for the reason that soil is the origin of plant life and we believe it to be integral to plant wellness.

Clean Green Certified

Clean Green Certified means you are getting the purest, cleanest cannabis available.

Both our Co-Founder and master growers were amongst the first indoor growers to be Clean Green Certified in California. Since our start in 2003, we’ve produced the purest, cleanest cannabis available by growing with the principles of nature: in living soil and with all-natural fertilizers.

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