In 2014 Matthew Kleizo started Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop & Lounge LLC with the intention of helping people find a safer alternative to smoking. His business flourished due to his passion for the vaping industry and helping save lives within their community.

Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop and Lounge started getting so popular that the word about his business traveled overseas to China, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and Kuwait as one of the best companies to buy from.

His integrity and character reflected in each of his business deals overseas helped him create a solid distribution channel so he decided to start his own brand of 100% American Made Mechanical Mods called PURGE MODS to help bring back America’s luster in exporting American made products throughout the world.

Now that the Medical Marijuana industry is on the rise Matthew’s passion has always been in designing and manufacturing of hardware. Matthew and his team has brought all of their passion and design skills to the glass industry by creating STNR Creations LLC.

STNR will produce American made glass created right here in Orlando, Florida and outsourced glass manufactured in Nepal, both with unparalleled quality to cater to the high end American Made market and the production side of the glass industry for the budget friendly customers.

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